Press Release Regarding The Announcement Of Country-wide Ceasefire Between The Warring Parties In Syria

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 29.12.2016

No: 333, 29 December 2016

Turkey has been undertaking intensive efforts to end the violence and begin the flow of humanitarian aid in Syria and for the resumption of talks between the regime and the opposition for a comprehensive political solution of the Syrian conflict.

As a result of our efforts, the warring parties in Syria reached an understanding on a country-wide ceasefire that will go into effect at 00:00, on December 30, 2016. We welcome this development.

Terrorist organizations designated by the UN Security Council as such are excluded from this ceasefire.

Turkey and the Russian Federation support this understanding as guarantors.

The parties, with this understanding, committed to cease all armed, including aerial, attacks and refrain from expanding the territories under their control at the expense of one another.

Adherence of all parties to this ceasefire is crucial. Turkey and Russia strongly support and will jointly monitor the ceasefire.

The support of the countries with influence on parties on the ground, in sustaining the ceasefire will also be vital.

Turkey played the decisive role in completion of humanitarian evacuations in Aleppo a few days ago and in ensuring the entry of force of the country-wide ceasefire as of tomorrow.

Hopeful that, with full observance of the ceasefire, to realize a genuine political transition based on the Geneva Communique and the UNSCR 2254, the regime and the opposition will soon meet in Astana with the presence of the guarantor countries, to take Concrete steps towards revitalizing the UN-led political process, Turkey will continue her efforts to that end incessantly.

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