No:56, 18 February 2107, Press Release Regarding The 65th Anniversary Of Turkey’s Membership To Nato

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 18.02.2017

Today marks the 65th Anniversary of Turkey’s membership to NATO. The importance of NATO for Turkey has continued to increase since its membership in 1952. The Alliance is the cornerstone of Turkey’s defence and security policy.

Adapting itself to the challenging threats and risks after the Cold War, NATO has demonstrated its continued deterrence and effectiveness and is an indispensable actor in the preservation of stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic area.

With its commitment to the principle of indivisible security and allied solidarity as well as its unique position in the Alliance, Turkey contributes to NATO’s missions and operations, and also participates effectively in its activities involving the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Today, the international community is faced with assymetric security risks such as terrorism, regional instabilities, radicalism and mass migration. Terrorism constitutes one of the most serious threats to the security of the Alliance. We need allied solidarity and political unity more than ever. Turkey has appreciated the support and solidarity shown by NATO after FETO’s henious coup attempt.

As a reliable Ally, Turkey will continue to contribute to NATO and remains fully committed to its NATO obligations, as has been the case for 65 years.

Tahsin Tunç Üğdül Ambassador
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