No: 313, 11 October 2017, Press Release Regarding The Release Of Ibrohimjon Asparov By Danish Authorities

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 11.10.2017

Danish authorities’ decision to reject Turkey’s extradition request and release of Ibrohimjon Asparov, the suspect connected to the terror attacks that took place in Istanbul-Ortakoy on January 1, 2017 is a violation of the UN decisions related to countering DAESH, primarily United Nations Security Council resolution 2178 (2014).

Turkey is a country that has a key role in countering DAESH terrorism. Denmark’s decision to reject Turkey’s request on the basis of unfounded claims regarding the extradition of this individual who is suspected of being directly related to the terror attack, where 39 people from various nationalities were killed, is a blow to international efforts in the fight against terrorism.

In the context of measures against foreign terrorist fighters and in accordance to relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions, the Republic of Turkey has so far deported 5.217 foreigners who were suspected of being related to the conflict zones. As the result of ongoing operations, 8.447 DEASH, El-Nusra and Al-Qaida affiliated individuals, including 3.831 foreigners, have been detained and 2.946 DEASH, El-Nusra and Al Qaida affiliated individuals are under arrest. As such, all parties should act with the same determination.

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