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Relations between Turkey and Poland , 21.03.2016

Turkey and Poland are among the very few countries who have the privilege to share such a long history of more than 600 years of friendship. Two countries have both deep-rooted bilateral relations and they are regional powers sharing common visions for the bright future.  

Diplomatic relations between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Poland which were established in 1414, constitute a rare phenomenon in the world political history. Poland has always retained a unique position in the hearts and minds of Turkish people. Ottoman Empire was the only country that did not recognize the partition of Poland which lasted 123 years.

During the Lausanne Peace Conference which followed the end of the Turkish War of Independence, Treaty of Friendship was signed between Turkey and Poland on 23rd July 1923. By signing the Treaty of Friendship in 1923, Poland was one of the first countries that recognized the young Turkish State even before it became a Republic.

Bilateral relations between Turkey and Poland have always been positive. In fact, there has been a rampant trend of development in bilateral relations since 1989. It is also noteworthy to emphasize that, in addition to the close relations at the state level, the relations between Turks and Poles have always been very warm and sincere throughout history. Thus, Turkey and Poland, as two brotherly nations, have a vast potential of opportunities to further develop their multi-faceted cooperation and relations in each and every field.

Polish aspiration to become a member of the NATO was ardently supported by Turkey and upon Polish accession to the NATO in 1999, the two friendly countries became also allies. As two staunch members of the NATO alliance, Turkey and Poland, share similar views on key foreign policy and security issues. Poland, as a country having a strategic vision, has always been one of the strongest supporters of Turkey’s EU accession process geared towards full membership.

The frequency of high level visits between Turkey and Poland demonstrate two countries’ excellent political relations. The political declaration signed between the Heads of Governments of Turkey and Poland during the visit of the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to Poland on 14 May 2009, which constituted the first ever visit at the prime ministerial level to Poland since the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, has elevated the relations between the two countries to the level of strategic partnership.

The visits of the former President of the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Mr. Abdullah Gül, to Poland between 5-7 June 2011, former President of the Republic of Poland, H.E. Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski to Turkey between 4-6 March 2014, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, H.E. Mr. Donald Tusk’s visit to Turkey between 8-9 December 2010, former Prime Minister of the Republic of  Turkey H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Poland between 7-8 November 2013 and Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu’s visit to Poland between 8-9 December 2014, created utmost momentum to the elevated high level official visits.

Turkey and Poland are rapidly-growing countries with dynamic and vibrant economies. In the economic and commercial domain, cooperation is constantly developing between the two countries. New areas of cooperation like energy, ship-building, construction, infrastructure and defence industries offer great potential.

Turkish construction companies are well-known worldwide. After complementing the first phase, prominent Turkish company (GÜLERMAK) will have the project for the construction of the second phase of the Warsaw metro.

Bilateral trade volume has remarkably increased surpassing 5 billion USD target, foreseen by former Prime Ministers H.E. Mr. Erdoğan and H.E. Mr. Tusk for the year 2013. The bilateral trade volume shows the rich potential of growth for further developing and diversifying economic relations between Turkey and Poland.

Adampol (Polonezköy) in Turkey and approximately 6.000 Turkish citizens living in Poland create a strong bond of friendship between the two countries. Nearly half a million Polish tourists visit Turkey every year.  The beautiful Polish village in İstanbul, Adampol (Polonezköy) which was established in the 19th century by Polish immigrants, is expecting more Polish tourists.

There are around 3.000 Turkish students studying in Polish universities. Turkey is also a very important destination for many Polish students. Developing the youth and student exchange between Turkey and Poland contributes to the further enhancement of Turkish-Polish relations today and in the future.

We strongly believe that the rich political and cultural heritage of more than the 600 year-old friendship between Turkey and Poland, will certainly contribute to the further development of our ties in the centuries ahead.”