Turkish – Polish diplomatic relations date back to 1414, when envoys were sent by the Polish Kingdom to the Ottoman Empire. Many envoys were exchanged in the following centuries.

The diplomatic relations between the Ottoman Empire and Poland was continuous for 600 years, even during the 123 years (1895-1918) when Poland ceased to exist when divided between three powers.

Poland was one of the first counties to recognize and conclude Friendship Treaty with Turkey on 23 July 1923, before the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey in October 1923. The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, with its seat in Warsaw, was vacant only during the Second World War, resuming its functions in 1947.

Before the war the Embassy had its seat in Chopina 2A (1921 – 1939) and after the war in Polonia Palace (1947-1949), Bristol Hotel (1950-1952), Aleja Jerozolimskie 101/6 (1952-1953), Marszalkowska 17/7 (1953-1956), Noakowskiego (1956-1968), Malczewskiego 32 (1968-2017)and currently in Rakowiecka 19 (25.02.2017-today).

The Embassy is responsible for all fields of relations between Turkey and Poland, which is developing and widening in scope every year.

The consular services for the whole of Poland are undertaken by the Consular Section of the Embassy, which is also in Rakowiecka 19.

The Embassy also has the Office of the Military Attaché in the same premises, whereas the Office of the Commercial Affairs, the Office of the Counsellor for Culture and Promotion are in separate locations.

Turkey has Honorary Consul Generals in Poznan and Gdansk, with new Honorary Consuls to be appointed in Krakow, Wroclaw and Lodz.

Monday - Friday

09.00 - 12.30 / 13.30 - 17.00

Consular Section: Walk-in hours: 09:30-12:00, Telephone inquiries: 14:00-16:30,
Telephone: +48 22 854 61 11

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